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Intl. Vector Equity Fund A(H)

FundCode DFA511
Inception Date 07/23/10
Fund Net Assets $842.2 M (As Of 04/30/18)

The fundamental investment objective of the International Vector Equity Fund is to achieve long-term capital appreciation by investing primarily in the stocks of non-Canadian and non-US companies.

Returns (As of 04/30/18)(As of 03/31/18)

Annualized Returns

portfolio Benchmark
YTD 0.37% 3.11%
1 Year 11.18% 9.07%
3 Year 6.08% 7.30%
5 Year 9.05% 10.94%
Since Inception 8.05% 9.72%

Annualized Returns

portfolio Benchmark
YTD -1.86% 2.13%
1 Year 10.96% 13.47%
3 Year 5.99% 7.07%
5 Year 9.14% 11.40%
Since Inception 7.83% 9.69%

Calendar Year Returns

portfolio Benchmark
2017 21.46% 19.64%
2016 5.85% -0.33%
2015 5.86% 14.92%
2014 3.29% 4.35%
2013 20.19% 23.89%
2012 18.61% 14.94%
2011 -19.00% -11.66%

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On November 17, 2009, the DFA International Small Cap Fund merged into the DFA International Vector Equity Fund (formerly, the DFA International Value Fund). In connection with the merger, the investment objectives and strategies of the DFA International Vector Equity Fund were changed to allow the fund to purchase a broad portfolio of common stocks of non-Canadian and non-U.S. companies with an emphasis on small and value companies. Additionally, the DFA International Vector Equity Fund began purchasing common stocks of companies from emerging markets as well as from developed markets. The management fee and maximum annual fees and expenses of the fund were also increased to reflect the additional expense associated with the changes to the investment objectives and strategies of the fund. The changes to the fund's investment objectives and strategies, management fee and maximum annual fees and expenses could have affected the performance of the fund, had they been in effect throughout the performance measurement periods presented.

Fees & Expenses

Management Expense Ratio 1.80%

Characteristics (As Of 04/30/18)


Price-to-Book 1.34
% in Top 10 Holdings 6.48%
Wtd. Avg. Mkt. Cap. (Millions) $44261
Number of Holdings 5450

GICS Sector Allocation1

Financials 24.62%
Industrials 15.94%
Consumer Discretionary 14.55%
Materials 13.42%
Information Technology 8.92%
Energy 7.13%
Consumer Staples 5.92%
Health Care 4.13%
Telecommunication Services 3.05%
Utilities 2.31%

Top Holdings

Royal Dutch Shell PLC 1.19%
BP PLC 0.76%
HSBC Holdings PLC 0.73%
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd 0.72%
TOTAL SA 0.64%
Daimler AG 0.53%
China Construction Bank Corp 0.53%
Vodafone Group PLC 0.49%
Toyota Motor Corp 0.46%
BHP Billiton Ltd 0.45%

Top Countries

Japan 19.50%
United Kingdom 12.53%
China 8.72%
France 6.00%
Germany 5.88%

1 Sectors defined by MSCI.

Please note that a Portfolio that invests in other Portfolios typically does not hold securities directly. As such, "Top Holdings" information for such a Portfolio represents "Top Holdings" information of underlying Portfolios.

Holdings are subject to change.

Numbers may not total 100% due to rounding.


Calendar Year

Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Type Rate per Share
06/15/15 06/16/15 06/16/15 Dividend $0.07760
09/14/15 09/15/15 09/15/15 Dividend $0.03370
12/18/15 12/21/15 12/21/15 Dividend $0.04430
Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Type Rate per Share
06/13/16 06/14/16 06/14/16 Dividend $0.09560
09/12/16 09/13/16 09/13/16 Dividend $0.04590
12/19/16 12/20/16 12/20/16 Dividend $0.02240
Record Date Ex-Date Payable Date Type Rate per Share
06/12/17 06/13/17 06/13/17 Dividend $0.10370
09/11/17 09/12/17 09/12/17 Dividend $0.06470
12/19/17 12/20/17 12/20/17 Dividend $0.02690