Corporate Governance

Canadian securities regulatory authorities require public investment funds to publish on their websites proxy voting records on an annual basis for the one-year period ending on June 30 of each year. In this section, you will find the most recent proxy voting records for the Dimensional Funds that hold voting securities. Below are the required proxy vote filings of the portfolios managed by Dimensional.

Period Ending June 30, 2017

DFA Canadian Core Equity Fund
DFA Canadian Vector Equity Fund
DFA US Core Equity Fund
DFA US Vector Equity Fund
DFA International Core Equity Fund
DFA International Vector Equity Fund
DFA Global 40EQ-60FI Portfolio
DFA Global 50EQ-50FI Portfolio
DFA Global 60EQ-40FI Portfolio
DFA Global 70EQ-30FI Portfolio
DFA Global 80EQ-20FI Portfolio
DFA Global Equity Portfolio
DFA Global Real Estate Securities Fund
DFA Five-Year Global Fixed Income Fund
DFA Global Investment Grade Fixed Income Fund
DFA Global Targeted Credit Fund

A summary of the proxy voting policies and procedures and proxy voting guidelines adopted by Dimensional Fund Advisors, the sub-advisor for the Dimensional Funds, can be found in the Annual Information Form for the funds.

How to Read the Proxy Voting Record

The proxy voting record is an alphabetical listing of issuers whose voting securities were held by the Dimensional Funds during the relevant period. The record indicates how or whether the funds voted on each matter submitted to securityholders of those issuers.

Sponsor This column indicates who proposed the matter voted on, Management or a Shareholder
Mgt Rec Management Recommended Vote. This column indicates whether management of the issuer recommended a vote for or against the matter voted on.
Vote Cast This column indicates how the Dimensional Funds voted on each matter. "For" indicates that the votes were cast in favour of the matter. "Against" indicates that the votes were cast against the matter. "Withheld" indicates that the fund did not vote on the matter. Did Not Vote indicates that the Fund did not vote that particular ballot, in most cases due to the fact that the Fund is not voting ballots for securities settled in certain countries.